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Ran Gafner a 34 years old mentalist and musician from Israel graduated from Rimon Music University, majoring in Jazz, composition and improvisation. He also studied Psychology and Human Behavior in the Open University of Tel Aviv. Ran is considered to be one of the top and promising mentalists in Israel and all over the world.

Ran has performed in countless shows worldwide, Television shows, such as the famous Penn&Teller FOOL US, he also participated in numerous talk shows, newspaper articles, shows for celebrities and lecturing for magicians in Israel. After predicting the results of the 2013 elections in a major Israeli newspaper, Ran was selected by the Israeli Association of Magicians to represent Israel in the European Championship of Magic in the Mentalism category and won a prize!
Ran is also involved in a unique and first of his kind show in Israel- "Sorcerers Night". The show is held in the city of Tel Aviv every Sunday and consists of a close up show followed by two main acts performed by the best magicians and mentalists in Israel.

Since childhood, after his parents bought him his first magic kit, Ran got more and more fascinated with magic and its effect on other people. After years of practice Ran began performing magic and he showed great interest in the field of mentalism. Through the years he studied human behavior, how to influence the human mind , body language reading, NLP and he developed certain psychological skills along with his magic skills of misdirection and sleight of hands, which helps him to create an amazing demonstrations on stage.
In his unique style, Ran combines two of his major passions in life which are mentalism and music to create an original act never seen before, full of humor, emotion, excitement, amazement and fun.

Show types

If you are looking for an added value for your event, Ran is the ideal solution for you.
In this show, Ran will walk around your guests throughout the event and will amaze them with miracles that happen right under their noses close up! And he might even teach you one or two things!
If you want an unforgettable event call us now!

Your company produces a new product? A New service? Ran Gafner is the best solution for you and your company. Ran will attract the audience to your booth in the convention and will create miracles using your products or ideas that you want to deliver to your clients and will create lots of new leads for you!

The name of Ran's stage show is-"beyond imagination" and indeed in this show Ran takes the audience to the thin line between imagination and reality, in a mentalism act that is unique only to him and his style. In this show Ran demonstrate his phenomenal abilities of reading body language, suggestion, influence and memory to create some mind blowing miracles in a very entertaining and funny manner.
The show will fit into every private or corporate event!



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- Clients & Recommendations -

“The way of presenting things,the talent, the personality and charisma of Ran convinced me completely! It is simply amazing!“

Aki Avni

“I invited Ran Gafner for an event in my home, to perform a telepathy and magic show for my husband Silvan, family and friends. The show was fascinating, amazing and funny beyond all expectations. There is no doubt that Ran was the star of the evening.
On my and my hasband's behalf - Thank you Ran, for interesting and unique evening!“

Judy Nir Mozes Shalom

“Great! I have no idea how you did it. Just incredible!“

Michal Yanai

“I was skeptical and Ran managed to surprise me big time!“

Moshe Ferester

“Ron is an amazing Mind illusionist, demonstrating an incredible and incomprehensible ability!
I am speechless!“

Shachar Chason

“Stunning! I have seen some mentalists, but Ran is just crazy!“

Avri Gilad

“The show was amazing and original! I loved it!“

Max maven (the master)

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